Get up to 50% REBATE of the Buyer’s Agency Commission!

How it Works

When you purchase a home, the seller of that home pays a commission to their listing and to the buyer’s agent (us).  We share a portion of that commission with you as a cash-back rebate.  We can assist you with your home search, property tours, making an offer, negotiating a deal, writing the contract, and closing sale.  You will not sacrifice any level of service to earn this cash-back buyer rebate.  We simply encourage our buyers to search online and, when possible, drive by homes before engaging us to schedule a showing.  This makes us work more efficiently and allows us to offer the buyer rebate.

How to Get Started

1. Search for Properties

Search for property on your favorite website, ie., Zillow, Trulia, etc.

2. Identify Properties

If possible, drive by ones of interest. Narrow down your choices based on neighborhood, price, etc.

3. Contact us for a Rebate

Submit contact form below and indicate the MLS #s or addresses of properties you are interested in.

Calculator Your Commission Rebate

Get a Rebate At closing up to$

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Are rebates available in my state?

Rebates are available in almost every state of the U.S.   Contact us now to check if you are eligible.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. We require that buyers sign a Non-Exclusive Buyer Agency Contract. This protects the buyer, knowing we represent their interests only.  It also protects us, so we can be paid a commission if our buyer client purchases a home we have shown them. But it does not lock the buyer into a contract with us for any duration of time.  The buyer is free to end their relationship with us at any time.  We want buyers to work with us because they want to work with us, not because a contract says they must work with us.

Am I required to use a specific mortgage company?

No. Unlike other real estate companies offering Buyer Rebates, we do not require that the buyer use a specific mortgage company.  However, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to confirm that their mortgage company will allow the Rebate.  Please note, we require that the rebate be posted on the Closing Disclosure at settlement.  If the buyer selects a mortgage company that will not allow this, we will be unable to offer the rebate.  We have a few lenders we can recommend that we know will allow the buyer rebate, but buyers are free to choose any mortgage lender.