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While the vast majority of our clients end up selling their homes through’s MLS listing service, occasionally the services of a Traditional real estate broker are needed if a property is not able to sell through In those situations, we can offer you a referral to a top Traditional broker in your town, and rebate you double your listing fee when your property closes with that Traditional broker acting as your agent. It’s what we call our “Double Money Back Guarantee.”

Even better, has a unique and highly precise broker referral process (it’s actually an algorithm that we run that we also verify personally) that takes into account the track record of Traditional brokers in your town, adjusting for the price range and exact location of your property as well as the number of listings that the potential brokers have. This way, you have a high-preforming Traditional broker referred to you that has been matched to your particular situation, to increase the likelihood of a highly successful sale.

We will periodically check in with you if it looks like you might be needing the services of a Traditional agent and this referral matching program.
Feel free to call/email anytime with any questions.


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